To get the most out of matched betting, premium membership is a must.  And when it comes to premium websites, it comes down to Profit Accumulator vs Oddsmonkey

 Both sites are way ahead of the competition.  But which website gives more value for the money?  

This guide will give you everything you need to know from cost, features, interface and the community so you can make the best choice between the two.

If you are new to matched betting make sure to check out this video that gives you an explanation of how it works.  There are affiliate links on this page that will earn me a commission if you sign up through them.

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Oddsmonkey Overview

Oddsmonkey has been going for over five years and has helped over forty thousand Matched Betters.  They were also the original developers of the automated oddsmatching software.

Key Features 

  • Free sign up and free guides that show you how to place your first bets and make up to £45.
  • Free half hour 1-2-1 session with Oddsmonkey staff during first 30 days of premium membership.
  • 100+ step by step guides and video tutorials.
  • Oddsmatcher software linked to over 90 bookmakers.
  • Daily Offer Calendar and daily offers email.
  • Profit tracker to easily keep track of daily, monthly and total profits.
  • Active online forum to discuss everything matched betting.
  • Online support 7 days a week.

Profit Accumulator Overview

Profit Accumulator is definitely the bigger out of the two sites.  It’s had over one hundred thousand members since 2014 and boasts very similar features to Oddsmonkey.

Key Features 

  • Free sign up and free guides that show you how to place your first bets and make up to £45.
  • 100+ step by step guides and video tutorials.
  • Oddsmatcher software.
  • Daily Offer Calendar and daily offers email.
  • Profit tracker to easily keep track of daily, monthly and total profits.
  • Active online forum to discuss everything matched betting.
  • Online support including free phone 7 days a week.


Both Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey premium memberships cost £17.99 per month and offer similar features.  They also have an annual subscription of £150 that can save you £65.88 if your willing to pay upfront.

  For anyone new to matched betting, both sites offer free tutorials that can make you around £45.

There’s also a 7 day trial of the premium membership for only £1 that is offered by both sites.

Profit Accumulator Vs Oddsmonkey Offers

Both Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey have a great selection of offers for new and existing matched betters. Below is a breakdown of what offers and guides you get with each site.  

Profit Accumulator clearly has more guides available than Oddsmonkey.  Both sites give a variation of written and video guides for the sign up offers.  This is great for new members as you get shown step by step how to complete each offer.

Profit Accumulator
Sports Sign Up
65 offers
65 offers
Sports Guides
15 guides
8 guides
Casino Sign Up
56 Offers
41 Offers
Casino Guides
1 guide
5 guides
Reload Guides
120 offers
74 offers

Interface & Navigation

Profit Accumulator vs Oddsmonkey

Both user interfaces are pretty much exactly the same.  The Dashboard is the main page you will see when you log in.  It shows everything from your offer progress bars, current offers, calculators and various matchers.  

For usability both websites do a great job and it comes down to personal preference which is better. 

Personally i think Oddsmonkey feels a little easier on the eye when navigating the menu’s and searching for offers.  I think the pages are less cluttered and the information you need is marked a little clearer.  An example of this is with the offer calendars below.  

Profit Accumulator Vs Oddsmonkey Oddsmatchers

The Oddsmatcher software is one of the features that sets apart paid membership from free membership.  Essentially it’s the software that matches the closest back and lay bets between the bookmakers and exchanges.  

Both sites feature the standard Oddsmatching software and both do pretty much the same.  

Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey also have more calculators and matchers that help to find specific matches.  These include racing matchers, acca finders a dutching.  A full list from both websites are found below, although they have different names, they are essentially the same thing.

Profit Accumulator
Acca Finder
Acca Catcher
Dutch Matcher
Each Way Matcher
Each Way Catcher
Extra Place Matcher
Extra Place Catcher
Tennis Matcher

Exchange Account Integration

One of my favourite things about the Oddsmatcher software on both sites is the ability to integrate your exchange accounts with it.  

Both Betfair and Smarkets accounts can be linked to the Oddsmatcher, this allows you to place a lay bet with the click of a button.  This saves a massive amount of time in the long run not having to manually place them on an exchange.

  Smarkets is also currently giving 0% commission on all bets with premium membership which means you get to keep all profits!

Community & Engagement

With Profit Accumulator having been around the longest, naturally it has the bigger and more active community out of the two.  Both websites benefit from a members forum that links up to the calendar offers.  This is great because it allows you to discuss bookmakers offers with other members on the site.  

Profit accumulator has a more active forum due to the higher members, this is a huge benefit if you need any advice on an offer or enjoy a sense of community whilst matched betting.  That being said the Oddsmonkey staff do a great job of being active in their forums answering any questions members have.

You can contact both websites through email and social media sites.  Oddsmonkey is available seven days a week and can be contacted via email or social media.  Profit Accumulator has the same but also has their own contact centre you can call which is handy if you need a quick response.

Both websites have a similar style news page which features news, blog posts and further guides.  Oddsmonkey has recently taken this one step further and launched their own Podcast, this is great if you want to hear the latest about matched betting on the go.

Profit Accumulator vs Oddsmonkey Conclusion

Overall both of these sites do a great job of supporting matched betting.  Using the daily offer calendars combined with the Oddsmatching software can easily give you a consistent £500 income each month making the £17.99 membership cost relatively small.

As to which site is better i would say from a pure profit aspect you could pick either site.  They both have almost identical features when it comes to matched betting.  If you enjoy being part of a community and getting involved with other members i would say Profit Accumulator would be better due to the higher members base. 

With both sites having a 7 day trial for only £1 though, i would encourage trialling them both and making your own decision.  Once you get the hang of it, with help from Profit Accumulator or Oddsmonkey matched betting is simple. 

 Do not be put off by the word “betting” and don’t be afraid to ask for support.  Complete all the training guides available and you will soon be on your way to earning a nice income each month.  

Sign up to either Profit Accumulator or Oddsmonkey today, it will be the best  financial decision you will have made for a long time!